Hosted PBX

Your business phone system in the cloud

‘Hosted PBX’ is used to describe a phone system that is hosted in the cloud (or Internet) and works via VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).
Some benefits of Hosted PBX include being location independent, not needing equipment, and being easy to manage. Add and remove phones when required, with minimal configuration. Hosted PBX offers a significantly richer feature set compared to older on-premise deployments.

There are no phone lines – your number will never be busy again. Number porting supported. Keep your existing phone number wherever you go.

Order new numbers from anywhere in Australia or overseas.
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Configure inbound call flow yourself. Point number to a user, menu, call queue or any other subject.

Our pricing structure is based on the number of people using a hosted phone system. The User License allows you to create a ‘user object’ in the call flow. The User object can then be linked to one or more SIP Devices and to the selected call plan.

This allows users to have multiple devices like their Desk Phone, Smartphone and PC all linked to the same object in the call flow and the same call plan, making it easy for other people to reach you.

As a user of the system, you can have multiple devices linked to your user object. These could be a Desk IP Phone, Smartphone, PC, or a few Desk IP Phones located in different places, such as one in the office and one at home.

Each device requires a Device License in our system and allows the flexibility of having one User object with one call plan linked to all devices.

We offer various call plans, from basic timed call plans to fully unlimited. Our call plans allow users to make outbound calls at the rates defined in the plan. You can choose different call plans for different users in the system


You can connect any compatible SIP (VoIP) equipment to the system. Each such device requires a Device License. These could be Desk IP PhonesConference phones, Softphones on a PC or Smartphone, ATA adapters and other devices. Please have a look at our Equipment page to view the equipment we offer.

Flexible pricing structure


With our flexible PBX platform, you can assign different call plans to each user in the system.

PAYG Starter


Per-user/per month

Call rates:

Australian local & national calls     9c per call
Australian mobile calls                     4.9c  per min
13 / 1300 calls                                    25c  per call

Unlimited Australia


Per-user/per month

Call rates

Australian local & national calls    Unlimited *
Australian mobile calls                   Unlimited *
13 / 1300 calls                                  22c per call

Australia Plus


Per-user/per month

Call rates:

Australian local & national calls      Unlimited *
Australian mobile calls                      Unlimited *
13 / 1300 calls                                     Unlimited *
Free calls to 50 + countries              Unlimited *

Flexible pricing structure


Low monthly accounting fees, one time account activation fees

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